Who we are?


D&X Industry Co,LTD Shenzhen P.R.China.


What do we do?


We design,Research,Develop & manufacture wireless headphones base on Bluetooth Technology under our brand name:Yomei,and also upon customer’s requests including hardware,software and solutions package.


Why us?

1.      For being in the industry for over 21 years,Started with traditional speakers,from a single simple plastic case to PCB to softer ware package,We know how…….


As a branded company,Compare to competitors,we are featured with in house audio and sound R&D as our core strength,We offer high quality premium products and value to our customer,end user.


2.      Bases on above,we know what is the core-value for our customer and us: We are here to provide you the best performance-price ratio.Not price only,Not quality only either!

3.      We use to be authorized supplier for brands like:Mercedes Benz,Audi Motor,HONDA Motor,Mitsubish Electronics etc,We will surely be your reliable partner.

4.      With our brand&credit in market,We also develop items according to customer’s  idea and expectation(We evaluate the project with a full report and then modeling/prototype for approval,then trial production,and finally mess production ).

5.      Free samples available(Samples fee 100% refundable upon samples return or mess order confirmation ) .